Small Business Owner Peer Advisory Board Discovery Meeting Chicago

PRO Discovery Session

A PRO Discovery Session is a 2 1/2 Hour interface with non-competitive business owners.  Discover thoughts from their business activity that may apply to You.  You can’t survive in business today unless you discuss, observe, and learn what may impact your business. You won’t be bored.  You will take home ideas you never thought of before.

“Fast Company Magazine and cited several statistics regarding business owners who participate in a facilitated peer advisory board. 64% report an increase in bottom line profitability. 56% report an increase in top line sales. 60% report an increase in productivity. Other points that support the idea include: increased quality improvement, improved customer service, improved team work, and increased job satisfaction. The overall positive revenue impact of a peer advisory board can be from 19-43% of gross revenues.” –Entrepreneur Circle Blog

It also helps if you have a board of associates "that walk in your shoes,” and understand the pressures and also understand accountability.  Try a PRO, President’s Business Owner Peer Board experience—see if it works for you.

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