About PRO Online Peer Advisory Board

What if you had your own small business advisory board?

Invaluable Small Business Asset

PRO Online Peer Advisory Board is Your tool to make better decisions, to look at tools to improve Your Marketing, Sales, Compensation, Hiring… You name it, PRO has a resource for you. What is knowledge worth? You may have heard of peer advisory boards and did not have the time due to travel. Now you have a peer advisory board in your office on Your device of choice. You’ll find a host of articles about the benefits of peer boards on Entrepreneur. com, Forbes.com and American Management Association. Truly, this invaluable small business asset can take your business from just surviving to thriving.

Peer Advisory Boards are groups of non-competitive business owners, key executives or professionals that meet monthly with an experienced facilitator to move their business forward.  Participants raise issues and receive feedback and support from peers based on experience and knowledge. To be eligible as a peer board member you must be willing to be exposed to new ideas, don’t think you know it all and sometimes be willing to take criticism.  PRO has help businesses in excess of twenty years in the metro markets of Chicago and Phoenix. Small business advisory groups like PRO have helped thousands of businesses grow to their potential and beyond.

PRO’s Online Peer Advisory Board brings an invaluable asset to you, even in remote areas where traditional peer boards aren’t available. Ray Silverstein, your facilitator, mentor and tormentor, has helped hundreds of businesses in his over 25 years of running peer advisory boards as well as owning two manufacturing businesses with over $60 million in annual revenue. He’s been where you want to go. If you are interested in joining a group, let us know here. You’ll even get the opportunity to download Ray’s newest book – The Small Business Toolbook.