What If… You had someone to push You? May 14, 2020 April 25, 2020 Ray Silverstein

What If… You had someone to push You?

You are in business by Yourself, and only report to Yourself. You need someone to push you. Being a facilitator of Peer Advisory Boards part of my responsibility is to create accountability to move You forward to where You want to be.

Peer Advisory Board members want to move forward, and sometimes need a little push. I am sometimes called a tormentor because I try to create accountability for your actions to enable you to move forward.

As a Tormentor I learn how much accountability you will accept. Too much, and you will be turned off. Too little, and You don’t get where you want to be. Having a board that have Your interest and want to help You is a powerful tool to help You accomplish Your goal!

I am sure you know a Peer Advisory Board is a monthly meeting of non-competitive business owners, Presidents, CEO and C level Executives with an experienced facilitator who keeps the discussion on track and drives for conclusions. At each meeting a topic is presented start the meeting, and to get the discussion following. Most Importantly, each participant has an opportunity to bring their issues to the table for peer feed back. In essence, a think tank with action and accountability.

PRO, President’s has created and facilitated business owners peer advisory boards for over 25 years. Technology now makes it possible for business owners to participate in On Line Peer Advisory Boards with an experienced facilitator, mentor, and tormentor. This means you can participate anywhere and on any wifi comparable device.

To give you an idea CLICK Here for a digital copy of the PRO Small Business Toolbook. 83 pages of articles, worksheets on almost every small business issue. It will get your brain thinking! This is an example of peer advisory insight

One member who was very early into the internet, and was number one for his product. He always talked about hiring a salesperson, and did not fully recognize the Internet asset his company had achieved. His Peer Advisory Board pushed him to add more items to his web site.

Today he has maintained his number one internet presence, and operates his business without outside sales people. He is substantially more profitable, and has increased the value of his business when he plans to exit. He did it with a little push! Maybe more than a little.

Now you can participate in an On Line Peer Advisory board anywhere, and on any device. CLICK Here for the Small Business Toolbook and to learn more about ON LINE Peer Advisory Boards.