What If… You made a Bad Hire? July 9, 2020 April 25, 2020 Ray Silverstein

What If… You made a Bad Hire?

Many small businesses do not know how to interview or hire. What about a bad hire? When a person leaves their business they look at hiring as taking them away from their business activity. But, this should be looked upon as an opportunity. Having good people is your business.

At PRO, Peer Advisory Boards we discuss the hiring process. When someone is making a hire what is the job description? What is the performance expectation, and how do you measure this? At the minimum, what interview questions and procedure will you follow,

Today’s hiring market is difficult due to very low unemployment. In the past you could interview several candidates, have several interviews, and then make the hire. You could hire slow. Today you must hire fast. This increases the probability of a bad hire.

To improve your odds of success, Peer Advisory Board members recommend you identify the habits or actions you should observe at the end of first week, 30 days and 90 days of work. Many positions you are cannot measure or expect performance and results in a short time, but you can measure and observe if they are doing the right things to be successful. If you make a bad hire You Must make a change quickly.

I am sure you know a Peer Advisory Board is a monthly meeting of non-competitive business owners, Presidents, CEO and C level Executives with an experienced facilitator who keeps the discussion on track and drives for conclusions. At each meeting a topic is presented start the meeting, and to get the discussion following. Most Importantly, each participant has an opportunity to bring their issues to the table for peer feed back. In essence, a think tank with action and accountability.

PRO, President’s has created and facilitated business owners peer advisory boards for over 25 years. Technology now makes it possible for business owners to participate in On Line Peer Advisory Boards with an experienced facilitator, mentor, and tormentor. This means you can participate anywhere and on any wifi comparable device.

To give you an idea CLICK Here for a digital copy of the PRO Small Business Toolbook. 83 pages of articles, worksheets on almost every small business issue. It will get your brain thinking! This is an example of peer advisory insight

One Peer Advisory Board member had made a hire of a sales person. This person was to make appointments and go out with the sales manager to observe and learn the sales format of the company. At the end of the first week no calls or contacts were made to obtain an appointment.

The company made an immediate change. This person interviewed very well, but did not have the personality or interest to make appointments. His Peer Board told him You must observe and measure action to know if the person needs training or must go.

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