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The One Thing – The Surprising Results of Focus

THE ONE THING The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results Gary Keller with Jay Papasan – reviewed by Ray Silverstein The author states “The One Thing is the best approach to getting what you want.” “What’s the One Thing you can do this week such that by doing it everything else would be easier?”  The…

10 Tips to Get Referrals

10 Ways to Get Great Referrals (Even if You Stink at Asking for Them)  When it comes to sales tools, few things are more powerful than customer referrals. They’re simple, effective, and absolutely free. We love when referrals come our way. Yet many entrepreneurs are reluctant to actively request them. If you’re one of them,…

A Business Perspective

A Business Perspective We’re all committed to working smarter these days. We’re busy cutting expenses, trimming the fat and streamlining processes whenever possible. But there’s one wasteful habit we’re loathe to give up. Many of us still want to sell to “everyone.” These days, most entrepreneurs are thrilled to sell their wares to anyone who…

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