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What if… You needed a banker?

What if… You needed a banker? Small Businesses need a resource of qualified bankers who understands your business and who have an appetite for your companies service or product. A good banker is a must have if your business is going to thrive. A topic at a peer advisory board is the experience peer board…

Goal-setting: The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

Many entrepreneurs don’t set specific goals for their business, but studies show that goal-setting really does drive higher achievement. According to small business peer board members who’ve embraced this technique, goal-setting forces you to focus your energies effectively and develop real, viable action plans. It isn’t hard if you follow their lead. Here’s how PRO…

What If… You had someone to push You?

What If… You had someone to push You? You are in business by Yourself, and only report to Yourself. You need someone to push you. Being a facilitator of Peer Advisory Boards part of my responsibility is to create accountability to move You forward to where You want to be. Peer Advisory Board members want…

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