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PRO, President’s Resource Organization, invites you to become part of the growing number of business owners that take advantage of Peer Advisory Boards.

PRO, President’s creates Business Owner Peer Advisory Boards where business owners and leaders meet monthly with a facilitator and non-competitive peers to receive insight, support, and accountability to drive their business forward.  Studies show businesses that participate in peer boards are more successful than those that don’t.

Your trial offer is $600 for one quarter (3 months) or three meetings. If you like what you get, you can stay on and get a discount for 6 month and one-year subscriptions. If you don’t, just cancel at any time. Three months is adequate to realize at least some benefits from your Peer Advisory Board and Ray’s expertise as a facilitator, mentor and tormentor. Ray has PRO Board members that have been with him over 25 years.

Times are Arizona Time: 

  • 9 am start for Mornings 
  • 11 am start for Mid-Day
  • 1 pm start for Afternoon
Please fill out the form below to get started.
Questions? Call/text Ray Silverstein 312-593-5133 or e-mail
By clicking the submit button you will be directed to the payment page for your 3 Month subscription.  There are other options, too. If you don’t recognize the value after your first meeting, we’ll refund the balance.

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