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Virtual Peer Advisory Boards

Being Alone at the Top is difficult. Who can you talk with to get answers that keep you up all night. No unbiased peers, family, or friends to sound out on issues, no one to give support when difficult decisions have to be made. Imagine the difference an advisory board would make for you and your business whether it is a face to face or virtual Peer Advisory Board.

A Peer Advisory Board solves the inaccessibility of expertise and solutions for small business owners. Non-competitive business owner giving support and their experience of what works in a sounding board.

It’s like having your own mastermind group that helps you grow your business. Our Virtual Boards are easy – any place, on any device.



    PRO’s Online Peer Advisory Board

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    A perfect solution for Small Business Owners, Presidents, CEO’s and C Level Executives, who don’t know it all but want to, is a peer advisory board, whether face to face or virtual. Why? You get support. Insight, and years of experience from your peers who ‘walk in your shoes.’

    You get up-to-date critical information, especially for small business, from your peers and also thoughts of best-selling authors unique ideas in the monthly discussions.

    In a face-to-face group or virtual peer board you build relationships, and in a virtual peer board you don’t have to leave your office. At your mastermind group you will get input from other non-competitive business owners on YOUR challenges you face and proven solutions You might not have considered from being too close to the situation.

    You, as a leader, have the opportunity to have a sounding board of non-biased business owners, and the expertise Ray Silverstein provides from decades of facilitating peer advisory boards in the Chicago and Phoenix metropolitan areas, since 1993, as a matter of fact. Ray is a known Small Business Expert with articles in Entrepreneur, Crain’s Chicago Small Business, The Phoenix Business Journal, and other publications.

    virtual peer advisory board

    Jack Dermody – Four Windows Facilitator in Chief

    I have been attending one of Ray Silverstein’s peer advisory boards over the last year. My company is growing geometrically as a result. For example, I’ve learned who to work with in joint ventures, my marketing is superbly targeted now, I am a social media maven, and Ray and my fellow presidents urged me to raise my prices. All of that worked.


    Ray Silverstein brings to his peer advisory boards a lifetime of hands-on business experience at the very top levels of manufacturing and distribution industries. He made his money – a lot of it – and he never tires of sharing what he knows with all who ask.

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