Ray Silverstein – Your Facilitator, Mentor and Tormentor

RAY SILVERSTEIN is an entrepreneur, author and speaker revered for his high business intellect and ability to communicate meaningful and practical concepts to those wishing to achieve success in business. As the President of Peer Advisory Training and President’s Resource Organization (PRO), he is instrumental in creating breakthrough moments for executives wrestling with an assortment of personal and organizational issues. Ray describes himself in metaphorical terms as both a corporate chiropractor, one who helps straighten out businesses and a corporate farmer, one who provides the corporate fertilizer that helps business grow. He currently presides over seven peer advisory groups in Chicago and Phoenix.

A self-proclaimed big picture thinker, Ray’s strength is his ability to conceptualize around an issue and provide the course of action for its resolution. He cites the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) as being instrumental in his professional development. Drawing upon his broad-based business experience, which encompasses executive leadership, banking, finance, corporate governance, sales and marketing, Ray helps business owners break down barriers, whether perceived or real, and push on through to profitability. “I’m an excellent delegator,” he claims. “I think in terms of risk and control and always look at the risk-reward benefit.”

Always seeking to add value, Ray is sensitive to the wide range of issues confronting business owners. He understands how industry constraints and marketing challenges can impact productivity and offers practical guidance and strategic insight. Whether he is offering encouragement, giving direction, or actually brokering a deal and locating a financing source for a colleague, Ray is nurturing business growth. “People become their own agents of change,” he says. “I enhance their business skills, help them focus on what they want to accomplish and give them the support and tools to get there.”


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