The Perfect Solution for Small Business Owners June 4, 2020 April 25, 2020 Ray Silverstein

Peer Advisory Board

A Peer Advisory Board is the perfect solution for small business owners needing cohorts for consults. Join an online Peer Advisory Board facilitated by Ray Silverstein and experience what it can do for you. Business owners outside major metropolitan areas can now access what was once unavailable to them… AND without leaving the office. It’s the perfect solution for small business owners unable to leave their office.

“Fast Company Magazine and cited several statistics regarding business owners who participate in a facilitated peer advisory board. 64% report an increase in bottom line profitability. 56% report an increase in top line sales. 60% report an increase in productivity. Other points that support the idea include: increased quality improvement, improved customer service, improved team work, and increased job satisfaction. The overall positive revenue impact of a peer advisory board can be from 19-43% of gross revenues.” –Entrepreneur Circle Blog

PRO is a network of peer groups for small business owners and key executives. Peer group members meet monthly to pool their collective wisdom and experiences in order to better manage and grow their businesses and create support for each other.

Jack Dermody – Four Colors

I have been attending one of Ray Silverstein’s peer advisory boards over the last year. My company is growing geometrically as a result. For example, I’ve learned who to work with in joint ventures, my marketing is superbly targeted now, I am a social media maven, and Ray and my fellow presidents urged me to raise my prices. All of that worked.

Ray Silverstein brings to his peer advisory boards a lifetime of hands-on business experience at the very top levels of manufacturing and distribution industries. He made his money – a lot of it – and he never tires of sharing what he knows with all who ask.

I proudly say this: Invest in your business by investing in one of Ray’s programs.

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